Marina Caller-ID  software for Linux Console

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WHAT IS Marina?
        Marina is TCL-script which does Caller-ID handling on Unix.
        It is written in Tcl  scripting language and for now it is just for console ( or xterm ).
        Main advantage of this little script is that it does not require mgetty to access modem output or some hog database running to store information about numbers.
        It uses it's own flat database and it's very customizable.
        You do not need to set up dozen of .conf files to get it up and runnin' , it is very simple yet powerful.


Current Stable Version is:             0.4a
Curent  Development Version is:     0.5


Here you can download source archive:   Marina-0.4a-stable

    Simple , it opens up modem device and initialize it with CID option, then waits for output from modem.
    When output arrives in form like RING, then program starts it's own parser and collect information from modem output.
    Such collected information ( DATE TIME NMBR ) are then formatted and NMBR section is compared with numbers in own database numbers.dat.
    When comparation is complete and is succesfull then program displays information with NAME SHURNAME of  owner of incoming call.
    If no match is found then it logs caller number in unknown.dat for later reviewing and continues to monitor modem output.
    All Calls are being logged with date & time in calls.log for later observation.

        It does logging of all calls
        Upon incoming call Marina will search it's internal database and it will show you a Name or other data you entered!
        It will log all unknown numbers in file for viewing after calling time .
        For now it does not have any GUI ( soon)

        You got to have Caller-ID option supported by your modem
        This kind of service provided by your ISP PSP Telephone Company
        In Croatia ( HT ) this is 20 Kn  + 12 Kn Monthly
        You got to have tclsh ( Tcl/TK 8.05  or newer )

        Made a GUI
        Make numbers connected with commands being executed after findind a match ( mail , sms , etc...)
        Diverting of Calls
        Security options to add ( Call from specified number ( Your GSM ) will shutdown computer or bring down  the network )
        Doing a report on daily base with nicely sorted calls and numbers.
        Wrote a configuration file
        Add option to mute soundcard output upon RING
        Add option to kill incoming call ( GUI )

        I would like to hear all comments , bad or good  about this util.
        Since it is written just for Croatia area , please mail me where it works! ( Country and modem ) so i could add parsing options for your country.
        This project is part of HULK - projects from Croatia LUG "HULK".
        Mail me at:
Org:      H U L K  Nasice

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