Current status: released 0.99b @ 19.04.01
    -looking for packagers: RPM , DEB !!!
    -testers please respond to: <>

    This project was started for my own needs, I got Siemens S25 Phone which is one of the best handy's I ever had, so I decided to wrote some simple utility to manage most of functions from Linux Box. First there was a couple of CLI tools written in Tcl ,  and they are now incorporated in S25-manager as a features. Most of my coding time was spent on encoding SMS PDU sequences and uploading of Binary data to phone. I love Tcl , but I got to admit , that Tcl is not prepared for all those puts/gets on serial device!
OK, but I just wanted to try it out in Tcl :-)

Here it is!
    It is now a (almost) fully functional GUI application for managing most important functions of Siemens S25 phones.
Please before you use this software , back-up all important SMS-messages and Phonebook entries, Author is NOT responsible for any damage (SIM-locked , Hardware failure) or loos of data on your phone!
Program is released under GPL license.

Feature list:
    -Phonebook editing , archiving and restoring  ( insert/delete entries )  selection of SIM/ME storage.
    -date/time changing command
    -Uploading of .bmp .gif .mid files (with built-in preview for images)
    -Archiving of SMS messages to local files
    -Stores each SMS message in file like *****.msg for later reading or backing up
    -Configuration tool GUI
    -Works great trough self-built serial cable or trough IrDA (/dev/ircomm) TESTED
    -Included SMS reader for reading stored SMS messages
    -Web page generator for serving stored SMS mesagges on the Web
    -Synchronizing Time/Date with your PC

TODO list:
    -SMS sender from GUI
    -S25 daemon ( waits for phone on port and then executes CLI commands which are user defined)
    -S25 SMS server (  for use like private SMS service center trough network )
    -Editor for organizer stuff
    -Tone and Volume tester

Here are some of screenshoots taken from latest (0.99) version:

This image is showing a Main window with all main options:

Next image shows Configuration tool for managing your settings:

Image show  up a cute SMS-reader in action!

This image show look of generated html page with couple of SMS messages:


OK, that's it now go to this links and download this program!
I hope it will work for you just fine as it works for me:-) if NOT please report bugs to me!

Download latest script (needs tcl/tk 8.3.0 or greater):    S25-manager-0.99b
Download Logos & Midi's to use on your favorite phone!   logo+midi.tar.gz


Finnaly I would like to recieve as many SMS- messages I can to help me develop a smart and reliable SMS-reader and sender!
So please send some small SMS like "Hello from YOURNAME" to +385-98-810-768
You can reach me @

     This program is made in Tcl/Tk and build totaly in Visual Tcl 1.5.1.b4 , Thanks to authors of these programs!     Sinisa Dukaric <>  HULK Nasice

SIEMENS is a registered Trademark of "Siemens AG"