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Xplsisnjasp Parport LightShow IS Not Just A Software Project

XPLSISNJASP (what a great name right?) is XMMS Visualization plugin. It is a LightShow via Parallel Port, but you can plug in your favourite electronic disasters (toasters, TVs, etc..) and let all jump and roast in rhythm of XMMS! ;-).
It consists of hardware part and software part. We tried to make hardware part to be very easy to make and as cheap as possible (Software Part is doing all hard things).

* Linux 2.x
* XMMS or higher
* this plugin
* hardware part (very cheap - everybody can make it!)

* Be sure to run this plugin as root (setuid of xmms binary won't work) because it needs root privileges to send to LPT port (outportb()).

If you want to see a hardware part of project - go here.

Current version of software is 0.8
You can download source from here.( want from FTP server? ).
You can download RPM.i686.Mandrake from here.
You can download SourceRPM (SRPM) from here.
You can browse CVS tree from here.

If you think that this project is just for fun - well, you're wrong!
Here is quick Parport Network Interface Monitor(source). With that parportmon you can monitor your network interfaces via light bulbs or even toaster (or what else you want). Let all your light bulbs and toasters light and roast in rhythm of your network traffic! ;-)

Software: Vlatko Kosturjak
Electronic: Sinisa Dukaric

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Croatian LUG - Nasice