Welcome to HULK's Electronic corner

You are now at pages of Croatian LUG "HULK" podruznica Nasice.
Here we presenting our work and some of our running or finished projects. It is called "HULK's Electronic corner" becouse i  like electronic stuff a lot ;-).
My main programming (scripting) language is Tcl/Tk so most of apps here is made in Tcl/Tk. I hope you have Tickle installed on your machine and you are ready
to download some of our stuff!

We hosted next projects:

Primax GUI

    This is graphical interface for primax_scan drivers written by Marco Foglia & Others.
    Primax GUI makes handling with scanner easy as possible , with preview and customizable options from GUI-interface.
    Project is little stalled , but new version is on the way i heard last year ;-)
        Status: developing
        Author: Sinisa Dukaric


    Marina is console Tcl script which makes it possible to log and monitor all of your incoming calls trough Caller-ID capable modem.
    It has logging features of all calls with date & time of event  and logging of unknown calls for later reviewing.
    You can add some names to local flat database and instead of incoming dial number you get a NAME SURNAME or something you entered in database.
    It comes handy when you don't want mgetty respawned taking one of your consoles , or if you don't like large and hog programs with backend to a complex
    databases ( MySQL or PostGreSQL ).
        Status: developing
        Author Sinisa Dukaric


    This is something real!
    It's a plugin for Xmms which trough simple electronic circuit connected at LPT makes bulbes or toasters lite and fry in rhythm of your music ;-)
    I made a circuit  and kOst is main and only programmer for plugin ( harder work ) .
    It has 8 outputs which are Opto isolated from PC so don't be scared Make it , Use it ;-)
        Status: done
        Author: Vlatko Kosturjak
        Co-Author: Sinisa Dukaric

Cronet SMS-mailer

    Just a little GUI for sending a SMS messages trough internet to Cronet accounts ( others ? ) .
    It does boring job for you , like counting a characters left and wraping , sending wroted stuff.
    It adds prefixes and handles SMTP directly with your ISP or it can use sendmail to make a send.
    For now i think "project" is over unless some of users might want some feature to add like addres book or something similar!
        Status: done
        Author: Sinisa Dukaric

HAHM-GL518SM ( Hardware Health monitor for GL518SM chips )

    This is nice and configurable GUI for monitoring and logging of sensors state (  CPU temperature , FAN speed , Vcore volatge ).
    It reads raw data from proc and makes is it easy to monitor and log.
    For now it only support this specific chip and depends on properly installed and runnin'  lmsensors , in future maybe all other chips will be supported.
    This is also TclTk program i forgot to say.
        Status: developing
        Author: Sinisa Dukaric